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Lindemeier Heating and Cooling is now Abel Heating and Cooling and we provide skilled boiler repair and service throughout the Waconia area.

As boilers age, they can lose efficiency, and that means wasted money. Energy goes up the chimney rather than into the building where it can warm the occupants. Make sure that you have your boiler regularly services and checked by Abel technicians to ensure that you’re getting every dollar’s worth from your boiler.

For boiler repair and service, call Abel at 952-472-2665.

We offer services for both residential and commercial customers. Our heating services include:

  • Fast, free estimates.
  • No hidden fees – our estimates are all-inclusive.
  • Repair and installation of all major brands of boilers.
  • Obtaining permits for both residential and commercial installations.
  • Custom duct work and conversion from other systems.
  • Post-installation inspection.
  • Problem solving on all boiler systems.
  • Routine maintenance for boilers.


Not all companies service boilers. We’ve been working on boiler systems since 1944 and regularly send our technicians out for advanced training to keep their skills up to date. Let’s talk about your boiler system and how we can help.

Call us today for an appointment:  952-472-2665.

Energy-Star Efficient Boiler Sytems

We offer Energy-Star efficient boilers to ensure that you are getting every bit of use from your boiler and that you aren’t wasting energy to run it.

Routine maintenance can also help your boiler run efficiently. Boiler repair and service from Abel means that an experience boiler repairman examines your system and makes recommendations within your budget. We also provide second opinions and problem-solving for tricky boiler repairs, service, or situations that others can’t figure out.

Call us now for boiler repair and service: 952-472-2665.

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